Your Satisfaction & Development Is What Motivates Us

— Adenan, Founder & Trainer, Arctica Business Communication & Training, HCMC, VN.

The Continuous Practice & Fun Atmosphere Made Sure I Developed My Skills And Confidence! I Needed To Refine And Rehearse My Project Presentation Quickly For An Upcoming Conference. Arctica Communications Made Sure I Progressed With Leaps And Bounds in 4 Weeks!

— Dao Thi Huong, Development Manager, BN Technology LTD, HCMC, VN

I’m delighted to share my experience with Adenan as my English instructor. Adenan’s remarkable teaching style made my learning journey both enjoyable and insightful. He has equipped me with a deeper understanding of English, and I’ve seen noticeable improvements in my language skills. I’m grateful and Fully recommend him.

Nghia Tran, Corporate Lawyer, FTA Consulting, HCMC, VN

I was looking for a teacher who would help me improve my communication skills and correct my pronunciation. The sessions with adenan were really practical, easy to follow and well constructed. I have developed my writing skills and I am using fixed “functional language phrases and patterns” in my presentations, meetings and Discussions. The class structure was adaptable to our needs and we focussed on language we can apply immediately at work and in our general day to day life.

— Thien Tran Duy, Founder & Design Manager, MP Architects (MPA), HCMC, VN

Adenan helped me to increase my confidence in my English communication with foreign staff at my workplace. He developed and corrected my pronunciation and grammar. The learning process and classes were fun and engaging with extra offline support for us to practice and develop more in our free time. He is a very funny and motivational trainer

— Linh Le, Facilities Supervisor, US Consulate, HCMC, VN

The classes were entertaining and balanced with useful phrases, tips and functional language that I need in my career. The method is simple and allowed me to gain confidence and apply my corrections in real time. There is a lot to talk about and practice in class. Thanks to his knowledge and expertise, I am communicating with my clients more Fluently and with no misunderstanding!

Nhung Pham, Marketing, Shopee, HCMC, VN

The classes were very informative and filled with information I can apply immediately at work. I developed my writing skills by working on everyday emails I send and receive from my clients. I use a fixed email structure which is now error free and I communicate more effectively and directly with my customers!

Manh Thuong, US Consulate General, HCMC, VN

The focus is on providing us the opportunity to talk and express ourselves in our language and style. The focus is on the students and I was surprised at how my mistakes were discovered and effectively corrected during the course. I focus on my language much more now, and I am able to self correct and apply the functional language in my daily life. By practicing every day, I am way better than I was when I started the course. Ad is experienced and agile, with the knowledge and tools to handle each class and and any subject matter.

— Tan Duy, Human Resources Manager, Nivea, HCMC, VN

A great experience! The focus is on vocabulary, phrases and other expressions that we can use immediately at work and in our social lives. we are given a lot of autonomy to deviate to topics that we want to Discuss and develop at. there is Always a focus on pronunciation and vocabulary so that we sound/write better english and are clearer in our Communication. I had an amazing time and have all my notes from the course…and using them everyday!

Adrian Mole, Software Project Manager, HCMC, VN