Email communication is ubiquitous in any modern day profession. Keeping your communication with clients clear, concise and effective in writing is a vital task for business development and maintaining strong business relationships.

Using the correct language for your business needs is essential to ensure smooth, effective and unambiguous communication. Our professional email/letter writing course will take you through key stages in formal/business communication. We will go through select communication types including letters/emails to complain, apologise, query project updates, delivery & shipping, internal company events and other applicable settings.

  • Course Duration: 4-6 Weeks (Recommended).
  • Coursebook: Tailored Course Book Focusing On The Client’s Industry And Requirements Of Their Staff.
  • Course Trainer: Native And Business Professionals, predominantly From The UK & US.
  • CELTA Certified Trainer (Many Educational Institutions Globally Acknowledge The Cambridge CELTA As One Of The Most Respected Teaching English As A Foreign Language (TEFL) Qualifications. CELTA Is Recognised And Trusted By Language Academies And Educational Institutions Everywhere).
  • Participants/Class Size: 4/6/8 (Recommended).
  • Class Duration: 2 hours/ Lesson (Recommended).
  • Classes Per Week: 2 Classes Per Week (Recommended).
  • Classes Per Week: More Intensive/Tailored Lessons Based Upon Business Needs Are Available.
  • Homework: Yes. It Is Essential To Produce Written Homework That Is Continually Checked And Improved Upon. We Learn From Our Mistakes And Eliminate Written Errors Going Forward.
  • Evaluation: Yes. Rolling Evaluation And Assessment Of Structure And Format. Final Evaluation On An Email Correspondence Scenario.
  • Other Features: Yes. Contact Us For More Information.
  • Effective Use Of Written Functional Language With Immediate Application At Work. See Your Written Communication Develop By Leaps And Bounds Through This Course.
  • Practice & Implement The Recommended Writing Structure For Communication (Opening-Body-Body-Closing)
  • Improved Confidence With The Ability To Communicate Clearly In Your Writing.
  • Ability To Structure Emails According To The Subject Matter And Demand. We Focus On Your Specific Industry When Practicing And Guarantee Corrected Grammar And Effective Communication.
  • Ability To Write Various Email Types That Are Used Widely In Industry
  • Key Vocabulary That Is Predominantly Used In Business Communication. We Will Develop The Use Of “High Impact” Words/Phrases That Will Ensure A Clear And Unambiguous Message.
  • A Focus On “Key Grammatical Structures” So That You Are Able To Apply These In Various Situations Correctly and Effectively.
  • Practice Makes Perfect- So You Will Be Writing (Contacting & Responding) On A Variety Of Situations Tailored To Your Specific Needs.