We adapt our training and our skillset to your needs and your employee specific areas. Learning is meant to be fun as well as rewarding. We make sure that you see tangible results and that the class is always motivated to engage and excel in their communication skills. We don’t train or teach what will pass the time, but we focus on what your team needs for their real life job and career aspirations. We ensure they are communicating clearly within the team or department in addition to making sure that their business contacts have smooth and seamless conversations relating to their work.

We use our unique training methods to get the most from our time together and tap into the inner potential of your employees. We make the students the nexus of the classroom and adapt to each unique class or setting. Your employees are guaranteed to open up and engage with other team members. Gone are the days of being shy or lacking confidence.

We ensure that students speak and engage with one another as much as possible and to ensure they are able to develop their spoken fluency. We focus on the language they need and can apply the very next day at work! Our courses are based around their everyday work and industry, and we try to replicate their real world situations so they can practice and then apply this at work when they are ready. We provide functional language and vocabulary with real time corrections of grammar and pronunciation. Our methodology will filter out the small mistakes and will provide them with superior language and communication skills for work or for general use in their private and social life. Our boards are an indicator of an engaged and evolving audience!


We adhere to key rules and approaches both in and outside of the learning environment. These include:

  • Interaction of the learners in the learning environment (with each other & the trainer)
    • Interaction between us and company management before, during and after the course
  • Collaboration with the client to ensure that we deliver and you receive a service that meets or exceeds (this we prefer) your expectations
  • Adapting to changing needs and development of the learners and focusing on their continuous development during this period

Our board output shows the learning that the students will experience and the improvement they will see during our time together.