The Training Centre Pandemic (HCMC)

When you travel the streets of HCMC you will see many things which are captivating and understandable. However, you may often come across some puzzling scenes which seem to leave you with more questions than answers. When it comes to “English Language Centres” Or “English Service Providers”, you will find them sprouting all over the place!

How To Choose A Language Service Provider

English communication skills are as important as ever in Vietnam due to the ever changing business environment and primarily foreign investment in Vietnam. Effective communication ensures business is conducted efficiently and relationships are stronger and geared for the long term

What Makes A good Trainer?

Finding a trainer for yourself or your staff may not be a challenge at all. What may be more challenging is finding a trainer who is multifaceted and experienced enough to deliver what you require. What skills should your “ideal trainer” possess and how can they provide an enriching and rewarding experience for you and your staff?