Corporate/BUSINESS English

Learn, practice and develop the functional language you need to communicate effectively with your business partners or clients around the world. Focus on the language that you need to strive in your industry. Develop your communication abilities via key functional language, common native phrases/expressions, intonation and ironing out the wrinkles that are in your grammatical structure.


  • Choose Between Our Intermediate Or Advanced Courses For The Right Option For You.
  • Course Duration: 6-8 Weeks (Recommended).
  • Coursebook: Tailored Course Book Focusing On The Client’s Industry And Requirements With Our Personally Crafted Proprietary Material.
  • Course Trainer: Native And Business Professionals, Predominantly From The UK, US And Australia.
  • CELTA Certified (CELTA is recognised and trusted by language academies and educational institutions everywhere. Many educational institutions globally acknowledge the Cambridge CELTA as one of the most respected Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) qualifications.).
  • Participants/Class Size: 4/6/8 (Recommended).
  • Class Duration: 1.5 hours/ Class (Recommended).
  • Classes Per Week: 2 Classes Per Week (Recommended).
  • This Course Will Focus On Business Related Functional Language and Situations.
  • Evaluation: Yes.
  • Other Features: Yes. Contact Us For More Information.
  • Effective And Developmental Use Of Functional Language With Immediate Application At Work
  • Corrected Pronunciation Of Problematic Sounds & Key/Common Vocabulary
  • Increased Spoken Fluency With Clients And Colleagues In English
  • Improved Confidence And Ability To Communicate Clearly
  • Use Of Key Phrasal Verbs And Idioms To Sound More Like A “Native English Speaker”
  • Key Business Related Vocabulary To Be Applied Immediately.
  • Continuous Practice Throughout The Course With A Focus On Language That Will Make You Stand Out, At Work & In Your Life Right Now.