Meet The Founder

A tenacious, creative and energetic trainer who is driven and motivated by the development and growth of his clients. Each obstacle conquered and removed is another step achieved on the road to success. Learning & developing your communications skills has never been more enjoyable and rewarding than with Arctica Communication & Training! Let’s work together to “unlock your inner potential”.

A Brief Overview

I was born and raised in London, England, where I studied Mechanical Engineering with Power & Aerospace Engineering at the University of Surrey, U.K. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I worked in the pharmaceutical and sales industry before working for the Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA) in Atlanta, Georgia, US. After nearly 2 years of working with the HUD initiative for underprivileged families, I commenced my MSc. in Mechanical Engineering at the prestigious (top 5 ranked Engineering University in the US) The Georgia Institute Of Technology. Having accomplished my Masters degree, I worked for Siemens Inc in the Industrial Sector within the project management Business Unit. I then completed my Masters in Financial Risk Management from Birkbeck (University of London), London, UK, where I worked in The Financial Services Sector performing risk and market analysis (e.g. Emerging Markets) on various asset/class structures including portfolios of commodities and various stocks/bonds.

I would love to hear about your staff needs and developing them into effective and strong communicators. Send me a message and let’s discuss “unlocking your inner potential” today.


I have been living in HCMC, Vietnam since 2017 and commenced coaching, mentoring and training for corporate clients at the managerial and executive level. I realised that Vietnam and its people have a lot to offer the wider region and the world with their ingenuity, dedication, passion and determination to succeed in the global business environment. These are the same qualities which I cherish and have been using to develop the communication and business skills required to further individual careers in this fast paced globalised nation. I have trained numerous companies and employees and have been invigorated and ecstatic with the work and impact I have had on people. My motivation includes the people I train, the companies I help in their internal communication development and of course, the feeling of accomplishment I get when I see results and the impact I and my colleagues have on people’s lives. Effective English first, followed by perfection in your career path.