Different industries need different types of communicative development and focus. Our communicative courses include the popular Business English And General English focus areas in addition to soft skills and personal development and practice. Understand More About Our Bespoke Courses/Services And Why They Are Important For You And Your Team

Develop the functional language you need to communicate effectively with your team, business partners or clients around the world. Focus on the language that you need to strive in your industry. Develop your communication abilities via key functional language, common native phrases/expressions, intonation and ironing out the wrinkles that are in your grammatical structure.

If you want to focus on correcting your pronunciation, developing your grammar and vocabulary, or just to build your confidence, then this is the course for you! Our General English course is tailored to provide you with the fundamental language you need to communicate and express yourself in general situations. You will fix your foundations by correcting your pronunciation and grammar. You will engage with one another on general themes in life such as travelling, food & drink, family and entertainment etc.

Understand the general presentational structure/format and learn how to adapt this to suit your industry and your specific focus. Learn the key language needed and the phrases and expressions that will move your presentation along and keep the audience attentive! We guide you with presentation creation and make you practice your masterpiece with us to make sure things are great!

Email correspondence is ubiquitous in any modern day profession. Keeping your communication with clients clear, concise and effective in writing is a vital task for business development and maintaining strong business relationships.

Focus on the business communication and development you require. With our skilled, versatile and professional trainers, we will ensure you progress with leaps and bounds. Our trainers are from a diverse professional background with previous careers in Engineering, Management, Finance and Risk Management amongst other disciplines.

Practice and grow under the tutelage of experienced IELTS trainers and with official and also the latest materials available. From practice exams in all the skill areas (reading, writing, speaking & listening) to extensive and high level exposure to advanced themes if required. Challenge yourself and choose the type of course that you need not only now, but for the future. We have immersive courses that focus on continued speaking, interaction and engagement to develop you to your highest potential.

Learning and developing ourselves at work is and should be a fun experience for all! For those of you who are engaged with customers or clients on a frequent basis! We dive straight into knowing who you are, what you are selling or the business relationships you are fostering in your business. We structure the course around your daily work life and start developing you and honing your communicative techniques. This is a very important course for those who wish to see development almost immediately and who will readily adapt themselves and apply the corrected functional language. If you want to learn on the go and apply new techniques at your job straight away, this is the course for you!

Let us provide you with an information rich and rewarding course which will develop your employees and motivate them to communicate more effectively and actively in English. This course will be a mixture of business related vocabulary and practice in addition to general themes of life, family, personal interests, relaxation, travel etc. You will learn to speak common phrases/expressions including phrasal verbs and idioms. These are truly invaluable when communicating with native English speakers and are used in a wide range of situations. A truly riveting and stress free course where the participants will learn through engagement and will not be buried under things they don’t need to know!

Are you or your team so busy in your roles that you have limited time to focus and develop on your areas of improvement? Our engaging and enlightening workshop will make you start practicing and improving from day one! We will focus on the areas that matter to you and your team and ensure you develop your communication skills with marked improvement in your confidence and ability. Our workshops are designed to be short and impactful and focussing on developing you in the areas that you require for your job and career. We provide rigorous practice if required and we ensure you are using the language and communication methods to the best effect.

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