Focus on the business communication and development you require. With our skilled, versatile and professional trainers, we will ensure you progress with leaps and bounds. Our trainers are from a diverse professional background with previous careers in Engineering, Management, Finance and Risk Management amongst other disciplines.

One To One “PresentationAL/PUBLIC SPEAKING” Service

Our Personal Coaching service has received outstanding feedback from our clients for various reasons. We focus on your current presentational goals and what you will be preparing for in the near future. We help create and craft your presentation and go through each slide to ensure the layout and language is as perfect as can be.

This course/workshop will cover the following areas but will focus on practice and practical application to develop you and hone your skills efficiently and confidently.

  • Develop and refine your presentation’s introduction and produce a logical presentation format.
  • Make you understand the importance of body language and provide you with tried and tested gestures, transitions and “hooks” to captivate your audience
  • Develop all the functional language you are utilising and ensuring correct pronunciation and grammar
  • Developing visual aids and the “best practice” techniques to apply for a successful presentation

One To One “SITUATIONAL Practice/Role Play”

This is what upper level management likes to focus on and use to practice real life settings with us. By treating us as clients, we are able to engage as their customers would and do and replicate behaviour and input accordingly. We got through a vast array of communicative topics, including small talk, meetings, negotiations, weekly/monthly updates and many more.